The Cast & Crew

Written by John Fornof, Aaron Fullan, Bill Heid, Nick Heid, and Nick Huizenga
Directed by John Fornof
Recording Engineer and Voicetrack Editor: Mark Drury
Sound Design and Foley by Rob Jorgensen
Original Score: John Campbell
Project Manager: Mark Drury
London Casting Director: Philip Glassborow

Producer: John Fornof
Executive Producer: Bill Heid
Assistant Producer: Nick Heid
Consulting Producers: Aaron Fullan, Nick Huizenga

Recorded at
The Soundhouse

Salami Studios
North Hollywood

The Cast

G. A. Henty - Brian Blessed
Young Ned – Hugo Docking
Older Ned – Jonny Scott
Young Gerald – Alex Crossely
Older Gerald – Daniel Philpott
William Wallace – Stuart Pendred
Robert the Bruce – Andy Harrison
Lady Marjory -- Joanne Froggatt
Sir Robert Gordon -- James Cosmo
Sir Allan Kerr -- Skandar Keynes
Sir John “Red” Comyn – Billy Boyd
Dame Forbes – Cathy Sara
Sir John Kerr – David Simeon
Sandy Grahame – Michael Goron
Sir John Menteith – John Baddeley
Harris – Mervyn Stutter

Arlouf and Father Anselm - Peter Goodwright
Marion Bradfute and the Nun – Olivia Morgan
Sir John Grahame – Harry Culverhouse
Kierley – Jonny Taylor
Young Cluny – Josh Henderson
Jack Short – Toby Baddeley
King Edward – Richard Syms
Alexander MacDougall and the Envoy – Philip Sherlock

Young Avengers - Cameron Manson, Maxwell Hayes, Ally Manson, Josh Henderson, Dave Perceiva, Otis Waby and Ronan Goron

Additional Voices: Mervyn Stutter, Philip Sherlock, Nick Burnell, Robert Meadwell, Michael Haughey, Andy Williams and members of the company

This production is dedicated to John Beal, an American William Wallace

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