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From Bill Heid

Executive Producer, The Extraordinary Adventures Of G.A. Henty

“We wanted to capture the fire and flavor of Scotland in our drama, so our team spent three solid days in the land of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce.  At Abbey Craig, we stood on the very same hill where William Wallace looked out over Stirling Castle.  It was here on this site where Wallace devised a brilliant strategy to trap the vastly superior British forces at Stirling Bridge. 

Inside the tower of the Wallace Memorial, we saw what is said to be Wallace’s claymore—a huge, intimidating weapon. 

We walked through the ancient ruins of Dunfermline Palace and paused quietly in the abbey over the crimson and gold tomb of Robert the Bruce.  In the nave of the abbey, our Sound Designers Rob Jorgensen and Mark Drury discovered a beautiful ancient door.  Rob captured the sound of the latch closing as it echoed off the 900-year-old walls around us.  You’ll hear this sound in the audio drama.

Finally, we walked the grounds of Bannockburn.  Here, in the year 1314, the might of England stood against the glory of Scotland--100,000 English soldiers facing just 30,000 Scots, led by Robert the Bruce.  Robert’s troops knelt on the field in solemn prayer, then took on the English forces and miraculously defeated them, winning Scotland’s freedom. 

To actually “see” this story unfold in the land where it happened made it all the more alive to us.  From the cobblestone streets of Edinburgh, to the picturesque village of Dunkeld, to the misty green mountains of  the highlands, we caught the fire of freedom in the heart of Scotland…the same fire that centuries later, awakened the blaze of America’s freedom. 

“For so long as a hundred of us are left alive, we will yield in no least way to English Dominion.  We fight not for glory, nor for wealth, nor honours...But only and alone we fight for freedom, which no good man surrenders but with his life.” 

​From the Scottish Declaration of Abroath, 1320

Rave Reviews For "In Freedom's Cause" ​

"... Heirloom Audio Productions has put out another winner in In Freedom's Cause!"

"... The new App even has an interactive way to use the study guide and script. It includes the Thinking Questions and Defining Words portions for each chapter along with a quiz. You can also follow along in the audio drama script, not the e-book, through a nice pop-up window. This is especially great for those who struggle with auditory only learning. Still, the audio dramas are so encompassing, that you almost don't even realize there is not a visual component."

"... My family and I love audio books! We love to listen to them while: I am multitasking, we have a long drive ahead of us, or there is cruddy weather and we are stuck inside. My family usually enjoys them better if they are fun and adventuresome. I believe they are better than movies because audio books require more imagination which is great for growing minds."

"... I love the music and sound effects that accompany this program. The music that is used on the CDs is adventurous and is also by itself in soundtrack form as Listen Online and MP3 downloads. It is an original score by Emmy-winning composer John Campbell (of Narnia). The Foley sound effects make you feel like you are right there with the characters and immerses you more into what's happening."

"...​ We loved In Freedom's Cause! Captivating and educational... the actor's voices really made the story come to life and we learned so much by imagining ourselves in the scenes. The only thing I would like more is for it to be even longer!" Wendy

In Freedoms Cause

In Freedom's Cause

Designed For Kids 6-16
But Loved By Listeners Of All Ages

  • Kids love the exciting stories and engaging characters
  • Teens love the non-stop action and epic adventures
  • Parents love the biblical and moral values
  • Grandparents love the history and eternal truths
  • ​Why Purchase In Freedom's Cause

    • ​2-CD "Active Listening" Audio Adventure captivates children's imagination!
    • ​Turns travel time into fun, exciting "Adventure Time"
    • ​​An exciting new way of learning history
    • ​Teaches strong moral values like daring, determination and duty
    • Wholesome Entertainment For Families

    Original ​In Freedom's Cause
    Score By John Campbell
    Emmy Award Winning Composer

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    Customers  Are Saying:

    ​"... As a descendent of Robert the Bruce, I was very interested to listen to the audio version of In Freedom's Cause. I had read the book, but the audio version really brought the story to life in a way that was very accessible to the younger children. The acting, music, and production quality were superb, and right up there with other big name audio drama productions. Highly recommended!"

    "... An absolute delight! Both Freedom's Cause and Under Drake's Flag were incredibly well done and a delight to listen to. Wonderful for the whole family!"

    "... This was also the first time that every single member of our family listened to an entire production including our youngest member... this one kept her captivated and interested right along with her siblings. It truly made our road trip fly by. The CD says that this is for ages 6 and up, but I really think this particular production could be listened to with younger siblings pretty 'safely' and easily."

    "... I truly enjoyed 'In Freedom's Cause', and was pleasantly surprised at how great it was. Heirloom Audio knocked it out of the park again. Engaging, entertaining and informative. I can't wait for the next project"

    ​"... This is the best audio drama our family has heard - and we listen to a lot! I bought 4 and gave three away - I'll do the same for every single set that is released by Heirloom Audio. Quality family entertainment/learning!"

    "... My husband and I travel by car often on an 8 hour trip to check in with my 88 year-old father who lives in another state. We listened to 'In Freedom's Cause" as we drove and the story made the time fly. The production is so professional and not only is the story entertaining, it it educational as well which we appreciate. Also, we are in our 60's and we enjoyed the story as much as if we were kids! We highly recommend these audio stories to anyone, but especially to families with children. We believe that children are not challenged to listen well and to use their imaginations in this age of constant visual barrage. To have the opportunity to hear a historical event in an exciting story and to live it out in imagination is a gift anyone should delight to give a child. We purchased the '4-pack' offer of both 'Under Drake's Flag' and "In Freedom's Cause' and have already given away 2 of the extra copies of each story to friends (we're not parting with our own copy!)" Doug & Helen

    "... Heirloom productions are always of the absolute highest quality with top-notch actors and actresses… There is never any question about quality! The music, production quality, and voice acting draw you in and keep you in the story throughout the entire production."

    "... I gave several copies of In Freedom's Cause as gifts - and the feedback from my nephews is very positive! I will take a copy with me on our next long car trip.:) Love Scottish history - have read a lot about it - so am thrilled to glean some more cultural insights when I listen to your production" Debra

    "... Heirloom Audio Production of In Freedoms Cause is very professionally done - both the acting and the background work... and are a delight to listen to…even the one child that usually steers away from audio books was loving it!"  

    "... I love the audio dramas you have produced! In Freedom's Cause was so very well done. I shared it with all my grandchildren. What a great way for kids to learn and be inspired. History comes alive in your dramas!! Can't wait for the next one!!" Nancy

    ​"... The release of this engaging and captivating audio program was perfect timing for us, as we had come to the Scottish Rebellion in our homeschool history lessons, but did not have a lot of information to teach on for my middle school aged son. "In Freedom's Cause" not only brought this period of history to life in such a thrilling manner, but it taught the valuable morals of staying true to not only your country, your fellowman, but to God as well and the additional Bible Study especially brought these lessons home. We thoroughly enjoyed the Study Guide that came with program and looked forward daily listening to the adventures of the characters that this talented group of actors did so well to portray and bring to life! We would definitely recommend this audio program to any other homeschoolers and teachers who are wanting to teach this important part of history to their students. It will truly enlighten them and have them thinking and appreciating their own independence!"

    ​​"... Bought in Freedoms Cause for my son for Christmas and we all listened - love it! Also bought both titles for our church library and they go out consistently. Can't wait for more adventures!" Kathy

    "... Our family absolutely loved the audio drama In Freedoms cause. We have a large collection of audio books and dramas and In freedoms cause has becoming one of the most listened to favorites. My 10 year old son can't get enough of it, and is ready for the newest adventures from Heirloom Audio!!!" Amy

    Rave Reviews For In Freedom's Cause


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