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"... Bought this for my son for Christmas and we all listened - love it! Also bought both titles for our church library and they go out consistently. Can't wait for more adventures!" Kathy

"... Our family absolutely loved the audio drama In freedoms cause. We have a large collection of audio books and dramas and In freedoms cause has becoming one of the most listened to favorites. My 10 year old son can't get enough of it, and is ready for the newest adventures from Heirloom Audio!!!" Amy

In Freedom's Cause "Awesome!"

"... I LOVED In Freedom's Cause! Not only for the great story, but also for the wonderful actors and fantastic over-all production quality! I would definitely recommend this to anyone!"

"... I bought the four-pack, kept one and gave the others to my grown children for Christmas, for their families to enjoy. We all loved Freedom's Cause, and are looking forward to future programs!" Martha

"... We loved In Freedom's Cause! Captivating and educational... the actor's voices really made the story come to life and we learned so much by imagining ourselves in the scenes. The only thing I would like more is for it to be even longer!" Wendy

"... Our family, which consists of 5 children ages 11 to 4, love this cd! We listen to a lot of radio dramas and Freedom's Cause is one of our favorites. The children love the "sword fights" and action parts of the story. We also like listening to familiar voices such as Billy Boyd and Skander Keynes. Thank you for producing this Truth filled CDs! We look forward to more to come." Monika

In Freedoms Cause

"Heirloom Audio Productions has made a fabulous audio book!

"... Heirloom Audio Productions has made a fabulous audio book that keeps listeners engaged.  Every time I review one of their audio books, I think, “This one is my favorite!”, but then the next one comes, and I love it just as much.  While I’ve found every audio story from Heirloom Audio Productions accessible to younger kids, this one especially seems to be so.  My kids were just as surprised by the plot twists as I was!"

"... For me Heirloom Audio Productions is a life saver as my daughter has Autism and other disabilities and driving in a car is stressful for her and for the rest of the family. Since we started listening to the stories from Heirloom Audio Productions she is delightful in the car. Yes, every time we are in the car driving we have on one of Heirloom Audio Productions stories and have added on a few other audio books. Heirloom Audio Productions is her favorite. I cannot tell you how many times I have listened to all the stories as I have lost count. We all know the stories by heart. The funny thing is that we are not tired of them as they still grab our attention!"

"... My family has listened to many audio books I have to admit that Heirloom Audio Productions is our favorite and we haven’t found anyone who measures up to Heirloom Audio Productions quality. Most of all I love the characters in the story that have courage, morals, and faith in action. You are missing out if you have never heard one of the audio dramas from Heirloom Audio Productions."

"... ​Can't say enough how much I enjoyed 'In Freedom's Cause'. Was even better than 'Under Drake's Flag'. Impressive voice cast!! As an initial skeptic due to being a big fan of the original Henty books, I am blown away by the quality of the adaptations of these first two and can hardly wait for the next installment!!" Adam

"... I LOVED In Freedom's Cause! Not only for the great story, but also for the wonderful actors and fantastic over-all production quality! I would definitely recommend this to anyone!"

Heirloom Audio Productions Has Put Out Another Winner

 With In Freedom's Cause!

"... Heirloom Audio Productions has put out another winner with their new In Freedoms Cause!"

"... their website has an interactive way to use the study guide and script. It includes the Thinking Questions and Defining Words portions for each chapter along with a quiz. You can also follow along in the audio drama script, not the e-book, through a nice pop-up window. This is especially great for those who struggle with auditory only learning. Still, the audio dramas like In Freedoms Cause are so encompassing, that you almost don't even realize there is not a visual component."

These Heirloom Audio Productions 

of G.A. Henty's Books Are The Best!

"... The release of this engaging and captivating audio program was perfect timing for us, as we had come to the Scottish Rebellion in our homeschool history lessons, but did not have a lot of information to teach on for my middle school aged son. "In Freedom's Cause" not only brought this period of history to life in such a thrilling manner, but it taught the valuable morals of staying true to not only your country, your fellowman, but to God as well and the additional Bible Study especially brought these lessons home. We thoroughly enjoyed the Study Guide that came with program and looked forward daily listening to the adventures of the characters that this talented group of actors did so well to portray and bring to life! We would definitely recommend this audio program to any other homeschoolers and teachers who are wanting to teach this important part of history to their students. It will truly enlighten them and have them thinking and appreciating their own independence!" Amy

"... Great story! In Freedoms Cause teaches great character and entertains at the same time. We are looking forward to three next Henty story!"

"... The audio adventures such as Freedom's Cause have been very well received by my family here at home and we look forward to other likewise super quality audio adventures such as this one in the future."

"... I teach junior high literature, and my students are required to read In Freedom's Cause by G.A. Henty. This high quality audio is the perfect complement to reading the Henty text. The audio exceeded my expectations, and I highly recommend it. I will definitely purchase more audio productions from Heirloom Audio."

"... All my kids love this production! They listen so often they have all the lines and accents memorized. I'm thrilled with the life lessons they are learning as well as having such quality listening for 'entertainment'. Can't wait for your next production. By the way- we love sharing these audio dramas with our friends and family as well." Jamie

"... My daughter ​and I loved listening to In Freedom's Cause so much that we could not shut it off until we heard all of it. (if we closed our eyes it seemed as if we were there) It also sparked such an interest in my daughter (age 16) to WANT to learn more about history and William Wallace that she started doing her own research to find out more. She now has her eyes set on going to Scotland someday to see where he walked. I am so grateful for this CD. Heirloom Audio customer service was also awesome! I was having difficulty in the ordering process on my end with my computer and had some questions at a different time, by making a phone call both times, I was helped right away that left me glad I called because those on the other end of the phone were courteous and kind. I am not sure I could put to words how blessed I felt. Thank you, and we are so looking forward to the next audio!"

"...The Heirloom Audio script writers great at asking questions without telling the student the 'right answer' (something I always approve of), and at sticking to just suggesting verses in the Bible that are relevant, and letting the student work it out, rather than holding them by the hand and pulling them to the intended answers. These qualities make it more useful as a support to meaningful learning because they expect the student to act in their own learning, rather than anticipating that the teacher will be acting upon the students in giving them their wisdom. This also makes it extremely successful at being non-denominational, and thus useful to many different types of Christians."

"... My family and I love audio books! We love to listen to them while: I am multitasking, we have a long drive ahead of us, or there is cruddy weather and we are stuck inside. My family usually enjoys them better if they are fun and adventuresome. I believe they are better than movies because audio books require more imagination which is great for growing minds."

"... I love the music and sound effects that accompany In Freedoms Cause. The music that is used on the CDs is adventurous and is also by itself in soundtrack form as Listen Online and MP3 downloads. It is an original score by Emmy-winning composer John Campbell (of Narnia). The Foley sound effects make you feel like you are right there with the characters and immerses you more into what's happening."

​"... My kids and I absolutely loved it. In fact just today my boys where reenacting scenes from the audio story. My sons have learned so much about William Wallace, which has also sparked further studying of that time period, country, and Religious beliefs."

"... My 10 year old son loved it !!! He loved both "In Freedom's Cause" & "Under Drakes Flag". He keeps asking me when the next audio adventure is coming out! He's learning real history in an entertain story format tinged lightly with core Christian principles without being overt or preachy." Dan

More "Rave Reviews" for In Freedom's Cause

In Freedom's Cause: Behind The Scenes In London

"The writing, production quality, and entertainment value are all superb and the message is timely and forthright"—

- Bill Potter

America's Homeschool Historian

"Great script, great pace, great job!" —

- Billy Boyd

Actor (The Lord of the Rings,
Master & Commander)

"They've brought history to life! "——​

- Brian Blessed

Actor (Star WarsTarzan,
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves)

"The drive for justice and freedom is told with such passion!"—

- Cathy Sara

Actress (Woman In BlackTopsy-Turvy)

"It will keep you on the edge of your seat and you'll love it! It's history coming to life!"—

- Chris Anthony

Voice of Chris on Adventures in Odyssey

"A fantastic story."

- Joanne Froggatt

Actress (Downton Abbey as Anna)

"A boy's own story of action, adventure, bravery and heroism.. "—

- James Cosmo

Actor (Highlander, Braveheart, Chronicles of Narnia)

"From a wonderful script to world class acting and top notch production, this is the definitive audio drama!"—

- John Campbell


"One man - William Wallace - changed the course of his country. And his fire was his faith."—

- John Fornof

Writer/Director (Adventures in Odyssey)

"Executive Producer Bill Heid totally created a masterpiece. I loved it!"—

- Katie Leigh

Voice of Connie Kendall on Adventures in Odyssey

"This story proves that individuals can make an impact on history."​

- Skandar Keynes

Actor (Chronicles of Narnia)

"You're in for a rollercoaster of action, drama, and emotion."

- Stuart Pendred

Actor & classical baritone singer

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